• North Carolina State University -PhD in Communication, Rhetoric & Digital Media (Expected 2019)
    • Dissertation: Re-Making the Makerspace: Bodies, Culture & Identity in Critical Making Practices
    • Committee: Helen Burgess (Chair), Stacey Pigg, Jody Shipka, Nicholas Taylor, Emily Winderman
  • The University of Alabama – MFA in Poetry (2015)
    • Thesis: The Siriad/Bedroom Culture
    • Committee: Robin Behn (Chair), Heidi Lynn Staples, Mary Meares, Amy Dayton
  • The University of Chicago – BA in Language & Literature, with Honors (2011)
    • Thesis: The Panama Al Poems
    • Committee: Suzanne Buffam (Chair), Srikanth Reddy

scholarly work

in press

  • Gollihue, Krystin & Browning, Abigail. (Forthcoming, 2019). Towards a feminist critical making. In Loes Bogers & Letizia Chiappini’s (eds.) Critical Makers Reader. Amsterdam: Institute for Network Cultures.
  • Gollihue, Krystin & Xiong-Gum, Mai Nou. (Forthcoming, 2019). “Dataweaving: Textiles as data materialization.” Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology and Pedagogy.
  • Gollihue, Krystin. (Forthcoming, 2019). “Interweave: The virtual places of rural space.” Computers & Writing 2018 Proceedings.
  • Gollihue, Krystin. (Forthcoming, 2019). “Re-making the makerspace: Bodies, power, and identity in critical making practices.” Computers & Composition.
  • Burgess, Helen, Pigg, Stacey & Gollihue, Krystin. (Forthcoming, 2019). “The fates of things.” Enculturation.

public work

in progress

  • Zines as Tactical-Technical Feminism: This article situates the late 80s to early 90s phenomenon of feminist zines within a framework of feminist rhetorical practice by showing the ways instructional documentation acts as a tactical move to build coalitions in the face of patriarchy and capitalism.
  • #WomenWhoFarm: Unbelonging and agency in agricultural rhetorics: This article recovers the historical and contemporary ways farmers of marginalized identities are marked as belonging or unbelonging in agricultural space. By listening to women’s tellings of and on the farm through visual rhetorical means, I consider the rhetorics of female farmers as negotiations of technological unbelonging and agency within entanglements of masculine design.
  • 3D Feeling: An Affective Model of Emotional Labor: This project uses computational methods to create 3D models from affective language analysis data. By analyzing language in terms of emotional labor and transducing that data into 3D form, I situate the invisible affective labor produced by women and people of color as having physical presence.
  • Of Mistakes and Machines (with Mai Nou Xiong-Gum): This project re-imagines the automated loom as a machine designed to make mistakes rather than standardize the production of textiles. By creating a textile machine that purposefully makes mistakes, we show how masculine design of technology aims to erase the ways unsanctioned bodies imprint on made objects.
  • Programmatic Reflections on Diversity in Professional Writing Programs (with Stacey Pigg): This article analyzes the effects of a cultural rhetorics approach to a technical writing course focused on risk mitigation, disaster response, and community-based technical action.
  • Videovoice Methodology as Cultural Rhetorics Praxis: This article provides a framework for a cultural rhetorics approach to researching multimodal practice. Drawing from photovoice, multimodal, and sensory ethnographies, videvoice suggests that participants record their own inscription practices through first-person handheld videography and reflect on their choices as makers and composers. The approach centers the stories, testimonies, attentions, and goals of writers themselves and situates researchers as apprentices to the knowledge-making practices of their subjects.

recent conference presentations

  • “Interweave: The Virtual Places of Rural Space.” Computers and Writing Conference, Fairfax, VA, May 2018.
  • “Video Voice: Research as an Embodied Interface.” Computers and Writing Conference, Fairfax, VA, May 2018.
  • “Re-Making the Makerspace: Multimodality, Power, and Identity in Composition.” Conference on College Composition and Communication, Kansas City, MO, March 2018.
  • “Constructing the Revolution: A Workshop on Feminist Data Collection & Analysis.” Feminisms & Rhetoric Conference, Dayton, October 2017.

teaching experience

North Carolina State University

  • Technical Writing for the Zombie Apocalypse
  • Analyzing Style (Teaching Assistant)
  • Rhetorical Criticism (Teaching Assistant)
  • Academic Writing & Research – Craft Rhetorics
  • Communication for Engineering & Technology
  • Communication for Business & Management
  • Communication for Science & Research

The University of Alabama

  • Intermediate Poetry Workshop
  • Introduction to Creative Writing
  • English Composition 1 – #cyberself: Culture & Identity in Cyberspace
  • English Composition 2 – Advancing Mind and Body
  • Early American Literature to 1865 (Teaching Assistant)